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Between Local Sourcing, Handcraft and Deadstock Materials

With a firm commitment to minimising its carbon footprint, championing traditional artisanship, Adrianne Weber proudly sources each collection locally in England, utilising 100% up-cycled materials derived from luxury deadstock fabrics. Each item is handcrafted locally in London, with a focus on B2B collaborations in its mission to redefine luxury fashion.

Jane and Gaya from Creative Sampling Studio, Adrianne Weber's primary atelier, sat down with us to explore the details of our collaborative efforts.

You have collaborated with Adrianne since the brand's inception, witnessing its growth and expansion since the very beginning. Can you share the story of how the collaboration between your atelier and the brand began? What attracted you to working with us?

The collaboration between Adrianne and the Creative Sampling Studio sparked imminently, we and our team were taken aback by her unwavering drive for quality and innovation. Adrianne’s commitment to designing with a purpose and appreciation for craftsmanship aligned perfectly with our ethos. We specialise in high quality design and its always amazing to witness the growth of our customers, especially since we stood by them from the start.

We are proud of Adrianne’s accomplishments, as we saw the gilding of a perfectionist in front of us. Our clients are like family to us and we truly feel Adrianne is a strong member!


Can you describe the process of turning Adrianne’s creative vision into reality?

Turning Adrianne’s creative vision into reality involves thorough discussions and endless possibilities of creative pattern cutting, fabric selection and detailed sample sewing. We ensure, as with every client, that strong communicating and quality control reflects the brand’s identity and high standards. The process normally starts by analysing Adrianne’s sketches, details and fabric options, to ensure we get the best possible result from her initial idea. We would then draft patterns based on the proportions and Adrianne’s standard sizing, which we then use as the starting point to the first garment toile. Through a number of fittings we finesse the fit and finishes to Adrianne’s standard and work alongside her to create the best possible result.


Are there any behind-the-scenes techniques, materials, or craftsmanship that make Adrianne's garments so exceptional?

Our experienced and skilled in-house artisans use a mix of techniques, which always differ from style to style, in order to emphasise on the best characteristics of the garment. Techniques include edge painting, hand-stitching, hardware placement and more which all contribute to the best result with exceptional quality and aesthetic of Adrianne. Adrianne’s choice of fabrications and trimmings are always very bold, brave and out of the ordinary, which we fully support and encourage in our HQ.


It’s very important for us to keep the designer’s ideas alive and make the technicals to make the idea into real life. We craft each look accordingly to what it’s made of, in order to make it last longer, especially with the finishes and fit. The most exciting moment about working with Adrianne is her experimental approach, especially when she brings extraordinary skins to the studio to be tested and allocated for garments.


At Adrianne Weber, it is essential to establish long-lasting partnerships and relationships with external suppliers. How do you envision the future of CSS's partnership with the label?

We are planning to continue our partnership with Adrianne Weber and nurture the brand to reach higher success. We will focus on innovation, efficiency, sustainability and unwavering quality to maintain the brand vision.