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Behind the Scenes with Make-Up Artist Sandra Cooke

When it comes to make-up, Sandra Cooke knows it all. An Australian native currently residing in London, Sandra is an expert in the art of face painting. As the Head of Make-Up for the A/W 2024 show, she is known for her signature of flawless skin, effortless appearance, and glossy finish.

© Maria Pichonnaz


CQ: What inspired you to become a makeup artist? What is your Favourite thing about your job?

SC: I have been obsessed with make up ever since I was a little girl. My first Barbie doll came with a plastic clutch bag, that when you opened it up, had 3 different eye shadows in it. I put it on my sister, my dolls anyone really. Growing up, I spent all my pocket money on make up products. I was the one who would always do everyone’s make up for parties. At school I was very much into art, and makeup being a form of wearable art, is one of those ways in which I was able to express myself. That said, I did the sensible option after school, and did a business degree, however a few years later, recovering from a horse riding accident, I came across a make up course, and discovered that I could have a proper career painting faces, so I enrolled and never looked back.

It’s hard to pinpoint my favourite part of my job. I love collaborating as part of a creative team with the photographers, models, stylists, designers, hairstylists. I also love how transformative makeup can be and how it can help to tell the story of a person, who they are and where they are going. I’m also very fortunate I get to play and test out so many new products. 

© Paul Scala


CQ: What made you want to collaborate with Adrianne Weber in the first place? Did you feel any affinities between the brand's vision and yours?

SC: I definitely feel that the brand aesthetic resonates with me. I love the combination clean tailoring paired with beautiful choices of fabric and unexpected details that Adrianne incorporates in her designs. I love having beautiful clean skin, to me that is the perfect classic base, and then add in details to elevate the look.


© Paul Scala


CQ: As the makeup artist for our Fall/Winter 2024 show, could you share with our readers a bit about your creative process and inspiration behind the looks you created for our models?

SC: The preparation and treatment of the skin is central to any look I create so that was one of the first decisions we made for the look. We wanted every model to have the most beautiful polished glossy skin, not looking like wearing a lot of foundation. By collaborating with Nip+Fab, and using their gorgeous skincare, we were able to achieve this.  The other main element of the look was the lip. Adrianne loved a specific beauty image of mine that she had come across over instagram. We decided to create a lip that was reminiscent of lips after drinking a few glasses of really good expensive red wine. This allowed us to tailor the look to each individual model to best enhance their natural features. It meant we struck just the right amount of balance between beauty and just a little bit of edge while creating an overall bespoke feel. We added the gloss for a more unusual take. 

© Paul Scala


CQ: We've received wonderful feedback on the makeup looks you crafted for the show. How do you believe makeup enhances or complements the overall vision and aesthetic of our brand? 

SC: Really all elements of styling, hair and makeup on a show comes together to really communicate the story of the Adrianne Webber woman. Makeup plays such an important part in helping to visually represent that character. 

© Paul Scala


CQ: Collaborating with Adrianne Weber, what elements or characteristics did you aim to highlight through your makeup designs, and how did they align with the brand's identity?

SC: I think the look we designed really communicates the strength, elegance and individuality that Adrianne Weber brand personifies. The style is effortless and easy it doesn’t try too hard, looks flawless but with unexpected details. 

© Paul Scala


CQ: Lastly, how do you see makeup playing a role in shaping and expressing personal style, and how does this resonate with the ethos of Adrianne Weber?

SC: Makeup is another way to accessorise a look. It really helps each person put their own individual stamp on how they style a garment or an entire look. The makeup you choose to wear, or if you choose not to wear any makeup all, it really completes the personal style of the wearer. 

© Paul Scala